How to setup your frame in the app (video)

  1. Make sure to install the application (If not, please read the article “Signup”)

  2. Open your application, and login using the account you created (If not, please read the article “Signup”)

  3. Go to the 3rd tab listing all your frames

  4. Click on the ‘+’ button

  5. On the frame, press 5-7 second the button on the frame (the ‘O’ letter from the Ionnyk logo on the side)

  6. The button should blink when you pressed enough time; release the button

  7. On the app, press “CONTINUE”

  8. The app will now scan the surrounding bluetooth devices, and look for your frame

  9. If not found, repeat the process from step (5.)

  10. If found, you will be able to select a WIFI

  11. Enter your WIFI password. Please make sure it is correct, otherwise you will get errors later

  12. Enter a nice name for your frame

  13. Congratulations, the config is done.

  14. Before testing any artwork on your frame, you will have to wait for its cloud/online registration (2-3 min). You will see a PENDING state on the list

  15. If you entered a wrong WIFI password (at step 11.), or if your wifi signal quality is bad or unreachable, you may observe an ERROR state on the list

  • If you think you entered a wrong password, please redo from step 5. and enter a correct password later
  • Otherwise, please check your WIFI signal quality