Requirements WIFI

What is the expected WIFI configuration required by your IONNYK frame

IONNYK frames are connected via the Wi­-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standard, with some additionnal requirements:

  • 1. Frequency : only wifi emitted on the 2.4 Ghz (and not using the same WIFI name for both 2.4 and 5.0 Ghz)
  • 2. Security :
    • Only wpa2 is supported. It means those ones are not : wep, wpa, wpae (entreprise), open (password free).
    • The password must not be longer than 31 characters !
    • Your wifi network should not open a page when you try to connect (= capture portal)
  • 3. SSID = Wifi’s name : It must not be longer than 31 characters, and cannot be the same name as a Wifi 5.0 Ghz (cf. (1))
  • 4. Quality : a sufficient signal strength/quality to ensure reliable data exchange and no excessive disconnections
  • 5. Firewall : the port 11113 should be left open by your network, and shouldn’t block the IONNYK frame in any way
  • 6. [Channels] : the frame is able to connect to Wi-Fi channels spanning from 1 up to 11. We highly advise setting your network to channels 1, 6, or 11 to ensure the highest performance and connectivity

How can I quickly check some of my config ?

Test the connection on your smartphone before

  1. Get very close to the frame
  2. Connect your smartphone to the same WIFI
  3. Be sure the signal quality is good by reading the number of bars/level/strength of WIFI shown on your smartphone (checking 4.)
  4. You can also check your WIFI connection speed using speed tests: test1 or test2
    1. Download should be at least 8 Mbps
    2. Ping/latency should be less than 100ms
  5. Open successfully a known website to ensure the internet access is provided, ex.
  6. Then open the following URL (checking 5.) :
  7. If success, you shoud see the following

How to check if the issue comes from my own WIFI network ?

If you frame is still unable to connect, the idea is to connect your frame to a more simple network. Please configure a mobile hotspot from your smartphone, and prodide a simple name and a simple wpa2 password.


If nothing is resolving the issue

You can also look at advanced diagnostics here and send them to us:

  1. PS: For more advanced config, some routers may still block the frame, please check the mac address of the IONNYK frame is not blacklisted in any way (“Mac filtering”) ↩︎