Frequently Asked Questions

Technical questions

An IONNYK frame has until 1 year autonomy on one single charge. When your IONNYK frame battery is empty, simply use the provided magnetic IONNYK cable and plug it to your frame. Check in the app when your battery is fully charged and enjoy up to 1 year autonomy again !

Please notice that your IONNYK frame is already charged when you buy it.

No, there is no cables, even hidden ones ! Our innovative technology is wireless and works on battery. It consumes very few energy when displaying art. It gives us the opportuity to propose until 1 year of autonomy to one IONNYK frame with 1 battery charge.
Yes, IONNYK has a black & white identity. We took the decision to focus on this particular kind of artworks because we simply love it. Black & white photographs communicate emotion in a way colour doesn’t.
IONNYK is available for Android and Apple Smartphones
You can download our app named “IONNYK” on the Apple Store for Apple iPhones or on the Google Play Store for Android Phones.

Communication between the app and the frame

When you push a change to the frame, the app will try to “wake-up” the frame that sleeps most of the time to ensure a very long battery life (up to 1 year).

The wakeup is performed by 2 ways :

  • either by bluetooth communication between your phone and the frame
  • either by pressing 1 second the button on the frame. (it should blink once)

By bluetooth, the app might encounter communication problem if the radio signal quality is poor (you must be close to the frame, or too much interferences from other bluetooth devices) appearing as “timeouts”.

A quick press on the frame will resolve this issue. (it should blink once)

Multiple reasons can explain this issue:

  1. Your frame is sleeping, and you can wake it up
  1. The frame lost the WIFI connection OR cannot connect to the selected WIFI.
  • Please be sure the signal quality hasn’t changed since the initial pairing (distance, password, name of the WIFI network)
  • If your Internet router/ WIFI access point use the same name (“ssid”) for the 2.4 & 5.0 Ghz, then your frame might get trouble communicating with the 2.4 Ghz. Please consult your router documentation to disable this setting (“One SSID” on Proximus routers)
  • Please check if the WIFI band is 2.4 Ghz solely, because the frame only uses this band.
  • Indeed, when the router is mixing the bands 2.4 & 5.0 together for the same WIFI name (= SSID), the frame is not able to connect efficiently.
  • The encryption must be WPA2
  • The password must be correct

If you are unsure about the WIFI quality and frequency, please follow this guide ( and sent us screenshots.

  1. *The frame battery/energy is low or empty. *
  • Please make sure the frame is fully charged by connecting the power plug, and check the charging percentage displayed on the 3rd tab of your IONNYK App. If is stays low or 0%, then please check your WIFI; the frame is sending its battery level through the Internet.

If none of the above worked for you, please contact our support via this form

1/ Press the button on the frame for 15-20s until the button flashes/blinks three times.

2a/ On an Android smartphone:

Just head to Settings->Connections->Bluetooth then go to the list of paired devices.

Locate the devices named “IONNY” or “IONNYK” and for each: Then tap the Settings icon (gear shape) next to each device and tap the Unpair option. This will remove individual devices from your phone’s Bluetooth directory.

2b/ On an iOS smartphone (iPhone):

You have to go to the bluetooth settings of the iphone Click on the symbol (i) for information on the IONNY device(s)

Then do: “Forget the device”

3/ Re-pair the frame following the guide

This occurs a few minutes after adding a new frame. If you entered a wrong WIFI password, or if your wifi signal quality is bad, or unreachable, or not using the 2.4 Ghz band, you may observe an ERROR state on the frame.

This is absolutely not permanent, and all you need is to restart the whole pairing process by adding again the frame (the ‘+’ button) and make sure the WIFI signal is correctly perceived.

See this guide ( if required.

Once completed, your frame will be in “PENDING” mode. If your refresh the screen after a few minutes (by pulling an invisible drawer from top to bottom), it should disappear, and your frame will be ready to display anything you want.

Artworks, Pictures & Catalog

IONNYK is an Artwork platform and closed eco-system. It means that adding your personal pictures is not possible. IONNYK is like an art gallery, but yours, where you can enjoy artists work as you want. But if you are a photograph artist, please, try our “call for artists”, who knows, maybe one day you will join our IONNYK artists collective …
No, IONNYK works the same way than paper art photographies. When you buy one print, you can’t display an original in several frames at the same time. You need to chose. We respect this artisitc codes, not for technical reasons, but for integrity ones.

No, there is a free base catalog for all IONNYK frame’s owner You get a free access to 10 renewing art pictures per month when you buy your IONNYK frame.

The access to the full catalog is paid, and offer your 1000+ artworks you can enjoy on your IONNYK frame. For more information, please visit this page subscriptions

Some artwork are only compatible with the classic format (JANE - 13") or with the large format (LINN - 32").

Meanwhile, there are also special artwork sold as “Limited editions”. The artist exclusively sells some of his work for a limited number, making this truly personnal, and you can enjoy them by acquiring for the mentionned price.

When you buy a limited print on IONNYK, you have not a contract with IONNYK directly, but with the artist or the rights owner. It means that your property is not linked to IONNYK. With any limited print bought on IONNYK, you receive a authenticity certificate signed by the artist if applicable, or rights owner.


Yes. Please login to your account and handle your current subscription from here :

You can click on “MANAGE” then cancel your subscription.

Yes. Please login to your account and handle your current subscription from here :

You click on “MANAGE” then go to “INFORMATIONS DE FACTURATION” and click on “Mettre à jour les informations”. From here you can edit and save any changes.

image example

To get a an updated invoice, please go to “HISTORIQUE DE FACTURATION”, click on a particular invoice with the open icon.

image example

From there, you can download the invoice “Télécharger la facture” with the updated invoice information.


Our technology is very robust. However, everything could happen, and maybe you can encounter that your frame doesn’t work anymore. Contact if you need assistance, we’ll be happy to help you. In the meantime, keep in mind that you have 5 years warranty on your IONNYK frames.